We offer:

  1. Wallcovering
  2. Digitally printed pictures
  3. Wardrobes with digitally printed pictures
  4. Frosted Windows
  5. Decorative sliding doors, windows, furniture and other surfaces
  6. Templates and Decals
  7. Floor and wall panels 3D
  8. Painting

about_usWe are a team that has manufactured, sold, and installed photo wallpapers for many years. Years of experience have shaped our installation process to perfection. We do not just say „We put wallpaper perfectly …” – we can guarantee that, and therefore you do not have to worry about the decoration of your kitchen, hallway, or bedroom. If you are still unsure about our services, go through our gallery which contains photographs of our work. Our customers confirm the belief that digitally printed photos and wallpapers are becoming fashionable again. We are acquianted with people, who choose from the best quality materials that are available on the market. These are not some shoddy wallpapers from the previous age. The beauty and functional properties (water resistance, resistance to mechanical damage), cause a steady increase in demand for decorative wallpapers. Everyone can decorate any room as they wish. Would you like to have your flat decorated? Are you opening a hair salon, a restaurant, a health clinic, an office, a SPA? Do not limit yourself to adorning just your walls. We also decorate furniture, mirrors, window panes, wardrobes, interior doors, ect…

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Piotr Stężały
tel.+48 697 258 921
e-mail: bokmural@wp.pl